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Warren and Erick have been in the Salesforce Ecosystem for quite some time, over 16 years combined actually. During their time blazing their trails, each have had experiences as full-time employees for organizations using Salesforce, full-time employees at Salesforce Consulting firms, and spent time either part-time or full-time freelancing within the Salesforce ecosystem.

After several years discussing the challenges of freelancing, which involves doing everything from prospecting to invoicing (and bookkeeping/taxes if you’re incorporated), and how we’ve worked throughout the years to simplify our own lives when it came down to freelancing, we’ve decided to work together to create Ohanaly: a place for freelancers to simplify their work lives and either make a few bucks on the side, or have the freedom to work full-time from wherever they’d like helping organizations with their Salesforce platform.

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